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At Century Financial Brokers, our relentless pursuit of market opportunity separates us from the pack and binds us in a common purpose—to help clients find an edge in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving markets by bringing together superior market access, well-timed market insights and powerful trading solutions. It’s our passion. And it’s why clients rely on CFB to sharpen their edge in the world’s ever-changing markets.

CFB’s commitment to transparency in its operations, structure and product offerings helps ensure that clients choose the financial instruments that best meet their needs and aspirations.

Indispensable, well-timed insight. Forward-thinking, unwavering vision. Deeply rooted passion for the markets.

CFB provides the tools, knowledge and expertise to give you a trading advantage. Deal online with a choice of over 10000 products or via our 24/5 trading desk at one of the region’s leading financial brokers.


Explore the dynamic financial markets with the region’s leader. CFB offers you more access, more support and more resources to help you trade smarter, faster and better.

Investor Services

Investor Services

The main difference that sets CFB apart from the rest of its competitors is that it employs a person...

Investor Resources

Investor Resources

At Century, we are aware that brokers and customers need the updated market information and resource...

CFB - Market Maker

CFB - Market Maker

Market Maker is designed by Century Financial Brokers. This financial tool enables you to place orders on thousands of instruments, over the Internet. The downloading mechanism of the new version of the softwar...